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Mignola Forever.

Yesterday we got to meet one of our greatest inspirations. Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, was in town for autographs and advice. He was amazing. In case your are unfamiliar with the legendary work of this extraordinary man, we will follow with a gallery of his greatest hits. And, as you take one last look at the animation above, check out what kind of cards he is fiddling with.

Mike Mignola, our hero.

Mike Mignola did the artwork for the comic book adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula. It is our favorite movie of all time and the Mignola drawings are magnificent.

Earlier in his career Mike Mignola did some spectacular work for Marvel Comics, including X-Men and Namor. His Dormammu from Marvel Fanfare will blow your mind.

Batman also got the Mignola treatment, and the cover for #700 belongs in a museum.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Mike Mignola's portfolio, Hellboy is an inspiration to us as artists seeking to bring our own personal vision into the world. It is an accomplishment of the highest magnitude, no matter how you count your points.

Thank you, Mike Mignola. It was a wonderful experience meeting you and sharing our new thing with you. You are a symbol of the power of the artist, and we deeply appreciate it.

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Much Mignola love.

He also came up with the design for Mr. Freeze in B:TAS.

Looking back, the goggles Vicky Fries sports is such a Mignola trademark.
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No offense, but just the way this post was worded made you sound a little like the kind of creature Mignola specializes in drawing.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; that would be creepy and/or otherworldly.

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Definitely one of my fave artists. :D
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Maybe I just missed the identification? Or I was tired. It felt like some weird monster from a dream world describing why the mortal Mignola was pleasing "to us, yesssss."
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Mignola's one of my favorite creators :D

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My favourite thing he's ever drawn is still the teaser poster for Pan's Labyrinth. So simple, so evocative, so WTF. It's perfect.

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And a pretty good impression of what you're getting into watching the movie, I think. "Look! You will be creeped out and awestruck in equal measure. Also there will be a faun and it will look FUCKING AWESOME."
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The X Men Classic cover simply blows my mind. Not a single drop of blood is drawn but still manages to emanate dread.
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LOL for "Draculas," plural

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Very cool.
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Man oh man, Mignola! ;_; You are so right!