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DC Retroactive 90's The Flash-Preview

Newsarama has just put up a preview of a few DC Retroactive issues. The Flash one caught my eye since it features a flashback to my favorite Flash villain and story arc.


Cobalt Blue reference? Whooo!                                                                                                                              
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THIS IS WHY I MISS WALLY! with Wally, no matter how powerful, or how much into the speed force he was Linda was his lightning rod... :(((((( *sad forever!*

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I liked that too, but I think that extends to all of the Flash family at this point--all the Flashes use their wives or SOs as theirs, except for Bart, who has Max.

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Huh. I don't think I've heard 'lightning rod' used like that before.

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Do you think DC realizes that by using Flashpoint to create their reboot instead of Final Crisis or Blackest Night or even just jumping around the multiverse, that they've made Barry's failure to contain the Reverse Flash into the reason tons of marriages and kids are gone, at least one hero's semi-villainess now, created a conspiracy that seem to be a big threat.
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Is that story in trade?