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Red, White, Black, and Blue

Daredevil might be trying his damned hardest to forget his recent past, but that doesn't mean other crimefighters are willing to do the same.

Cap explains that he's here to place Daredevil under arrest.

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Wow that is some beautiful art.
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Seriously, this new Daredevil is ace

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No Maleev and his art in sight. Light colours, and a plot that's not turgid (even with Bendis his plots tended to plod in the few issues I've read under his hand). I'm enjoying this DD immensely.
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Love his comment about the shield.

Matt's senses would allow him to appreciate it on a different level.

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When I saw somebody posted from this issue the whole reason I checked was to see if that page made it. I thought the exact same thing.
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There's nothing wrong with banter. Talk what you know.
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After the fourth such riff in the same short scene, my eyes glazed over, sorry.
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Okay, I'm getting very tempted to start reading this. This looks like the old Waid magic. Taking a character I wasn't all that interested in and making him fresh again.

(side note: Daredevil has never been a character I was terribly interested in; the recent posts of the Bendis/Maleev run has altered my take on the character considerably...the Brubaker run is...not as good as Bendis' run or Brubaker's run on Cap, IMHO.)
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i loved this scene, and I love both charachters but Cap was porrtrayed as slightly faceless in this imo. As a matter of fact steve has not looked good in that many stories this month. Losing faith in fear itself, spider island venom, and this. Atleast in this it was a pretty awesome scene.

Glad to see Matt isnt getting beat up in the start of his series.
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Look out Matt, or you just might slip on that shit spilling from your mouth.

I think it's pretty disgusting he bring up Bucky when he took charge of the Hand himself after a long period of falling, frankly.
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I'm enjoying the recent visual representations of how Matt "sees" things, like the shield here and the horror that the Spot is a while back....

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BTW, the actual villain in this arc, as heavily implied by the last couple pages, should be a great villain for Daredevil, especially with the way Rivera shows his radar sense. I don't know if he has a history with Daredevil or not, as he's primarily a Black Panther rogue, but it makes a lot of sense to have the two go head-to-head.
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Oh wow, if you're talking about who I think you're talking about, I think my interest in getting this series went up a couple of notches. And that would make one hell of a fight.
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[personal profile] darrylayo 2011-08-20 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
Daredevil > Spider-Man.
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This DD is making me smile so much I think I might cry.
My crush on Matt has not waned, and this won't help, not one bit.

Also, excuse me while I google Stradivarius.
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HOW has noone mentioned how DD touching Cap's shield was the high point of his evening?

The shield is his penis.