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Ultimate Fallout #6

Mary Jane is writing a story about Peter's death.

Nick Fury appears in her room. Mary Jane wonders if she's under arrest, but he just wants to talk to her.

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I was surprisingly affected by Fury here.
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Bendis has usually written him as more sympathetic than others. One of my favourite scenes back in the old volume of USM was him explaining to Peter exactly what coming of age and working for him would entail, after Peter freaked out.
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DAMN YOU ULTIMATE NICK FURY! Damn you for all the feelings you are giving me! i am supposed to hate you! Why are you making it so hard for me to hate yoU!

*sobs in the corner*

oooh child things are gonna get easierrr....

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Actually, I think a better description is "Mark Millar's supposed to make me hate you."
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If you removed those last two pages...
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I know! LOL! God I'm glad i wasn;t the only one who saw that!

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Re: Heh!..

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It is, in huge chunks, Fury's fault.

:/ But also I get that he did not mean this to happen and he sincerely cared for Peter.

But he was really careless with Peter's wellbeing, all the same.
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...I'm so freaking distracted by your icon....where does it come from?

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Nicely done, though I find Nick Fury describing himself as "so excited" about ANYTHING as being something of a weird phrasing.

One also has to wonder why, if he was so invested in Peter's life, he didn't do what he could to make Peter's life a little easier along the way; getting the Parkers a little extra money (He'd have dozens of ways of getting it to them without any suspicion being raised); perhaps arranging for Peter to have a few friends, that sort of thing.

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I guess it was a weird kind-of tough love--give him a place where he can grow up, in a way where he can make himself his own man or whatever. What you're saying makes sense, but I can see why he wouldn't do that either.

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He was exiled so his girlfriend wouldn't give him the mutant lergy.

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This was definitely one of the really cool, interesting aspects of USM, the relationship between Peter and Fury--I was really hoping for the day that Fury's promise would come to pass, and Peter would have become a SHIELD agent or something.
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On the plus side, it looks like SHIELD will play really heavily into the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, so maybe we'll get to see some of that there!
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Damn right it was your fault you fucking, conniving bastard! Fuck you!
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Bendis version is generally more of a rounded person than the Millar version, who is personalitywise yet another one of Millar's "I'm so awesome!" brand of characters.
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If a comic book could jump a shark, that shark would be swimming in Nick Fury's tears.

Nick Fury doesn't cry.
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Ehh. He's a three-dimensional character, not a Chuck Norris pastiche.
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One! Manly! Tear!
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Semi off topic questiion: Has there ever been any details revealed about Ultimate Nick Fury's parentage?
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How do you mean? If you mean if he's related to the Nick Fury from WW2, then yes he is, by being the same person.

Nick was arrested by military police and was one of the test subjects for the supersoldier serum before it was used on Steve Rogers, taking the place of that dude from the regular Marvel Universe that Captain America before Steve.
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.... sorry, it just so odd to see MJ being actually have something major to do in Peter's life, though it is an alternate universe.... God, I wonder if the same thing would happen if Scott and Jean get back to together...
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Not really closely following the Ultimate 'verse-- what happened to Ultimate Jessica Drew?
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She became a Jr. Shield Agent in the recent Ultimate Enemy trilogy. She's going to be in Ultimates by Hickman.

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I'm very touch and go with Bagley's art. It works well here. Also, I am not wibbling. These are tears of fierce.
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Comic Book Death

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So often, when a character of a book dies, that's it. You get a frame or two of people in mourning, then that's it. They really are examining how Peter's death came as the result of people who were trying to mentor and guide him, but wouldn't fully embrace him, so that when his doom came calling, he was, ultimately, alone. How natural that a boy so driven by Ben's death would find final emotional peace of mind through saving the other person he loved more than anyone else, May. Now, they are following up on all these people and giving more than a token closure.....this feels more like the holes a real loss leaves in people's hearts. I hate that they did it, but they are doing it right.
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Aaaand then they console each other. On her bed.

While I'm glad to see that they're actually exploring the effects of Peter's death, this just seems ... well, for one thing, it seems like ham-handed setup for the weird new movie whose previews were so not impressive, and for another it just seems ham, period. One manly tear at the funeral, maybe, but not in front of MJ in her bedroom.
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Fury admitting to a teenager in private that he was responsible for Peter's death makes more sense incharacter and storywise. If he was to say it at Peter's funeral than the revealation wouldn't be as private and MJ's reaction would most likely be drowned out by Fury getting mobbed by a cathedral of enraged New Yorkers.

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...And still no damned explanation for that continuity fuck-up with Peter's parents.

Not that it's important. Just aggravating.
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Wait, I was wondering.

Way back when the Punisher was introduced into Millar's new Avengers series, Ghost Rider implied that the Hell told him that he was doing a good job. Frank interpreted it as his family telling him to continue his reign of mass murder though.

I was wondering, might they have known that he'd effectively doom himself by killing Peter, as opposed to possibly ambiguous murdering of evil people that he'd been doing?

Actually, what HAS Frank's reaction been to all of this? The fact that his debut was as someone who was out to kill Spider-Man makes it all kind of ironic in a certain way as well, I mean.
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Bendis, Bendis, Bendis! You should really check your emails and voicemails more often. At this point, Mark Millar has already left you 750 "NO, BRIAN, THE ULTIMATES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ASSHOLES. ASSHOLES! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! THAT'S WAY COOLER!" messages.
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I get why Bendis went the Miles Morales route, but man, I really wish MJ had been the new Spider-man.
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Seriously, amen to that brother/sister. There would've been a lot to work with there.
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I really don't like Bendis' style, but I can't help but wonder what the Ultimate Universe could have been like if Marvel had followed the tone of Ultimate Spider-Man instead of letting Millar do his thing.
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Alright, I'm going to be honest here and say that I've only read Ultimate Fury in Millar's work and scans from the Time of Loeb, so this comes so far out of left field to me my brain is spinning in my skull.
That said, I feel a little sad now.
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Aw no. Now I like this fallout so much, I love ultimate Peter too! I still want him to be resurrected somehow, but I'm really curious about the new spider-man. The problem with good comics? They have so many different directions the story can take, there's not nearly enough what ifs and fanfiction to cover them!
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Okay, imagine a gong.
That gong is my heart.
And "I loved him" was the really, really big stick.

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Very cool scene. I buy that reaction.

Now for more trivial stuff:
I saw the rainbow unicorn poster and wondered if MJ was the kind of person who enjoys Robot Unicorn and then realized there are no people that don't.

And then I saw the Bieber poster. Really, MJ?