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This is true, but unless you feel that Marvel are likely to be happy with the mediocre sales figures it's attracted, then they must have thought they had some sort of hook for the series, and presumably that hook was that they thought they'd created enough interest in Hope and the next generation of X-characters to have an audience for it. To clarify here, a lot of my irritation with it comes from the fact I'm actually one of the people who should have been interested in picking it up. I actually enjoyed Second Coming and was very curious coming out of it about where they were going with Hope as a character, but everything I heard about Generation Hope in the lead up to it's release put me off completely. (And that's not just because of the direction they went with Hope but the fact I find most of her supporting cast pretty dull, but that's a whole other subject.)

Overall, since I don't think this is coming through here, what I've been trying to say from the start isn't "Marvel should be doing this instead", but "It's a shame they're not doing this instead, because I for one would be more interested in reading it".

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