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ComicBookResources preview.

I'll let it speak for itself.

The cover.

We're the "white hats" in this caper.

The dramatic personae pose.

Doom: "First order of business. Kill Richards (plural). All for?"

(everyone in the room charges their weapons and aim).

Doom: "Just a raise of hands or an 'aye' will do, gentlemen. Susan.... Susan, let go of the Force choke on this Reed...."

Re: Lolwut?

Date: 2011-08-19 12:46 am (UTC)
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Doom has defeated Reed (and everybody else who matters) a number of times, he's allowed Reed to live so that he can laugh at him, out of boredom, and simple overconfidence(depending on the story).

If he wanted to just kill him, he probably could do it, and in a number of different ways, depending on which of his stories is in continuity right now. He's a good resource on this mission.

Re: Lolwut?

Date: 2011-08-19 02:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bjornwilde
This is very true. Of all the villains present, he's the one I'd worry the most about, perchance to monologue and all.


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