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Brubaker's Daredevil Part 4: Without Fear

When we last left off, Daredevil had found out that the foe responsible for Melvin Potter's descent into madness was none other than Larry Cranston, also known as Mr. Fear. Little does Matt know, Mr. Fear has also infected his wife Milla...

#100 was the anniversary issue of the title. As such, the story takes a backseat as various guest artists draw different aspects of Matt's life. Don't get me wrong, there's some beautiful art, but I've grown tired of anniversary issues that serve as retrospectives as opposed to actual milestones.

Also, 13 pages as it's double-sized.

Mr. Fear refuses to answer him, but instead sprays Daredevil with a special gas and has Ox throw him out the window. He tells Ox to inform the others that it's open season on Daredevil

So at this point Matt is hallucinating and is under attack from various thugs, all the while reflecting on his past.

Daredevil manages to finally overcome the gas and come to his senses. Matt heads to where Cranston lives, only to find out there's another man bound and gagged. The apartment explodes.

Matt heads to Foggy, who has bad news about Milla.


Matt later finds out that the man who was blown up in Cranston's apartment was named Dante Govitch, and was a scientist who had been working with Cranston in the past.

Daredevil continues his rampage to find out the whereabouts of Mr. Fear, having deduced that Dante was killed because he had the antidote to cure Milla.

Also Parker Robbins AKA the Hood is watching from afar, and is waiting to make a move on the situation with Daredevil.


There's a subplot with the Hood's thugs having a bit of a gang war with Mr. Fear's thugs but it's pretty pointless if you ask me. I'm all for having a "shared universe" but Daredevil has IMO always worked better self-contained. So Daredevil deals with some of Hood's men, who are a bunch of c-list supervillains.


Daredevil tracks down more of Mr. Fear's thugs to find Cranston.

Daredevil manages to kidnap Ox and prepares to interrogate him.


The issue opens with Lily running out of the home of Matt and Milla, dropping the flowers. She takes a cab and starts crying, saying that she's sorry.
We flash back to five days ago in which Mr. Fear pays a visit to her.

Back with Daredevil and Ox, Matt proceeds to, via touching specific nerve points, make Ox think that he's being burned without actually burning him. He proceeds to use Ox as a punching bag until he gives in.

Matt breaks into Cranston's penthouse apartment only to find a letter saying that he's too late, and that he will always be too late.

Realizing that Milla may be in danger, Matt heads home, only to discover Milla's nurse beaten badly.

After Milla is taken away, Matt realizes that Lily was in his house again.


Mr. Fear and the Hood come to an agreement, as Mr. Fear is just interested in ruining Murdock's life. The Hood can have Hell's Kitchen.

Daredevil finally tracks down Mr. Fear (or rather, Mr. Fear lets himself be found). Daredevil is able to defeat him in battle, but in the end, Mr. Fear has won...


Ben Urich is working at the Front Line, and he's losing his patience with those trying to pick into Matt's life.

Urich is hearing stories of Daredevil being savagely violent to minor thugs, and he's worried about Matt's well-being. Foggy is worried as well, seeing that Matt is using his Daredevil persona to distract himself from the pain that he's feeling about Milla.

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To be honest, I haven't really heard of Mr Fear before this. Was he created solely for this series, or has he been around in the Marvel Universe previously

He just seems to be a mix of Scarecrow and Dr Destiny, only that he uses his poisons to compel women to sleep with him... which is gross. Admittedly Dr Destiny once did something similiar, though that was in Sandman in that issue where he mentally tortures a diner full of people by making them cut and blind themselves, mentally regressing them to animals, making them have sex with each other etc. all for his own amusement.

Damn that issue was creepy.

Mr Fear's plan here though I do have to admit was very well executed, and the differing art styles when Matt was gassed was very well done as well.

Though I have to say that a female relative being driven insane by a skull-faced villain is something that Brubaker kind of already did in Catwoman... I don't really have fault with the writing in either series, and it's done in a different enough way here to make it still interesting... It's just kind of odd to use a similar plotpoint in both his highly acclaimed noir-styled superperson series twice in a row.
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I think he existed, but was really a nobody. He was transformed into this for the series.
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Not quite a nobody. He attempted to frame Karen Page for murder in DAREDEVIL #373-375 in order to spite Matt Murdock, and came very close. I don't recall if he knew Matt was Daredevil in that storyline, though.