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Batman Inc. #8 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #8.

What happens when you merge Batman with Tron?

I must say, having spent some time with animation software and modeling, this particular look is harder than it seems to achieve.

I hope this is a worthy end for this version of Batman.

shame I won't see Man-of-Bats and other cool bats like the ones we were introduced to.
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I never understood the concept of anthropomorphic computer programs. It just makes no sense.
Is it only me or do the terrorists/hackers/whatever look like Resident Evil zombies?
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I think in the sense that these people are actually entering what seems to be a more virtual-reality world, it makes more sense to equip the user with a form that they are used to and understand, at least at first. You can imagine, maybe, these people eventually modding and changing the code as they come to understand the system, but to start off, I think it makes more sense to have these people look like, well, people.

Because these aren't really computer programs. More representations of the users, kinda like Tron, only they've not been absorbed into the network.
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They did say Batgirl(woman?) was an antivirus, though
or is she also just a user and logged in and is just helping them out?
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The Batgirl construct there is actually Barbara Gordon, her digital avatar. She's pretty much an 'anti-virus' in that she polices Bruce's new Internet 3.0 and stops anything untoward happening on her watch. I think the concept was first put forward in the 'Batman: The Return' issue.
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yeah and Despite Tim exploring the Unternet, he gave this job specifically to her. And the way he is looking at her in the next page makes it look like he's pretty amazed by her :D