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Batman Inc. #8 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #8.

What happens when you merge Batman with Tron?

I must say, having spent some time with animation software and modeling, this particular look is harder than it seems to achieve.

I hope this is a worthy end for this version of Batman.

shame I won't see Man-of-Bats and other cool bats like the ones we were introduced to.
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actually it is.... its from a superboy/batgirl team up... Conner and Cass teamed up tvtropes has it under Dope Slap

•Superboy (Conner Kent) received one from Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) during a team-up. Superboy, being the Casanova Wannabe that he was at the time, continuously showed off his tactile-telekinesis in order to impress her. When she simply ignores him and uses his Nigh Invulnerability as a Human Shield to protect her from an explosion, he finally gets angry and snaps back with a "What the Hell, Hero?" rant. Cassandra calmly slaps him across the forehead and says, "Focus." And Superboy is shocked that it hurt.
Superboy: She got past my force-field. My impregnable force-field. I feel so... pregnable.
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Ah, I remember that. It's a pity that they abandoned that casanova aspect of Conner for the misery-guts he became once he was under Johns' pen.