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Another time the Titans said goodbye.

With the end of the current Titans run, this seems an apt moment to showcase one of my favourite Titans moments in a long time, it's from the JLA/Titans crossover "The Technis Imperative" and I just happened to have obtained the original art for the page in question.

Now yes, it's Devin Grayson writing, but as always credit where it's due, plus it has Phil Jimenez on pencils (and Andy Lanning on feather-delicate but strong inks), which never hurts, and I also believe he contributed story elements.

The scenario is that in a last ditch attempt to save planet Earth from a construct known as "Technis" (which has basically wrapped itself around the MOON! Yes, the ENTIRE MOON!), the original Five Teen Titans have travelled into the depths of the construct, because they have discovered that the core of the entity is their old friend Vic "Cyborg" Stone.

Whilst they have managed to save him, they are trapped in a rapidly disintegrating space station, without hope of retrieval, and so they bid their farewells.

before that inevitable last minute rescue from... well, you can read the issue yourself to find THAT out! :)

Oh, and if you were wondering why even reading the cut text would make me cry, it's because of this song which, I'm not ashamed to say, gets me EVERY time...

And after that tear-jerking little moment, an announcement to make UK based fans go SQUEEEE! Though they'll need to squeee patiently

I've just discovered that there is a new comic convention scheduled in London. The London Super Comic Con

The good news... aside from including Phil Jimenez as a guest, it will ALSO feature the first appearance at a UK Convention in over 30 years from none other than George Perez, yes THAT George Perez! :) (And Bernie Wrightson is no mean booking either!)

HOWEVER, it isn't until February 2012.... on the one hand that's a long time to wait... on the other hand that's a nice long time to save up pennies! :)

STOP PRESS - Those missing their Secret Six/Teen Titans art fix, The Cn have exciting news about Nicola Scott's next project, which answers another question about the new DCU

James Robinson and Nicola Scott are announced as being the writer and artist for a new JSA series! (and Nicola has confirmed this over on her Facebook)

It's also mentioned that this will introduce a new Earth-2 into the DCU (I confess I'm getting "new parallel world" fatigue, they've done sweet FA with the 52 worlds we were promised after the last bloody crisis-thingie) But this MIGHT explain how the JLA can be the worlds first true superteam, the JSA were their worlds first team too, back in WWII.

In other words (and this is me speculating of course), perhaps being reset to pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths setup. As someone who was never a fan of the JSA and the JLA being in the same history, since it removed the heroic self-motivation of much of the JLA (Inasmuch as they weren't grounbreaking heroes, they were just another incarnation of the Justice Whatever of America), I'm actually remarkably sanguine about it.
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In fact, I was just made aware that my own little town is starting it's own little con.

I volunteered to help set-up. Very small, one-day affair at the county fairgrounds, should be a ton of fun.
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Judging from the, "You know, Donna," it's probably Kyle just before sealing them in a bubble construct.
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Nope. Garfield to the rescue.
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Wasn't Garfield there, though?
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He was.

Gar got to play 6th wheel to the Fab Five as usual.

They decided to go try to deal with Vic themselves, leaving him behind. He snuck along and in the end, Gar was the only one who could talk some sense into Vic. Then in their usual sense of "selflessness" they sent Gar on ahead to be rescued (can't remember who by at the moment - don't have the graphic novel nearby) while the rest of them awaited their glorious death.
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Because every time I've read the story, I've always felt that it was "we're the core of the Titans, we're the ones who are going to do it." Period.

I mean, if they were thinking logically, they wouldn't have brought Arsenal or Tempest up in the first place - they hardly know Vic. If someone is going to appeal to Vic on any level, first person should be Gar. And then, odds are Starfire would've had a better chance of relating to Vic, since they were team mates far longer.

I never felt it was selflessness. And if they were being selfless, why not send Arsenal, who had a child to take care of?

Then when they're setting up the team, as an afterthought they ask Gar to join.

But then, as far as I can tell the subsequent series degenerated into "Part of the Fab Five and a few people we'll make look bad so the Fab Five looks great."
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You own that original piece of art? I has jealous.

(If you ever, ever want to sell it, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands--I collect Phil Jimenez Tempest pieces.)
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rar. That's just gorgeous. :)
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I'll be happy just to have the JSA, on any planet/universe and in any time period.

Apparently, this is how far DC has managed to lower my expectations.

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well that's cool, though it does kind of screw up Kyle Rayner's history.
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Is it wrong that one of my favorite bits was at the very end of the story when the members of Young Justice (who also got involved because of Impulse being a former Titan...the plot had the Technis kidnapping everyone who'd been a Titan, for those reading at home) asked the assembled JLA and Titans "Well, where do WE fit in?" and I think it was Nightwing who said, "You're Young Justice. You'll make your own names."

...probably mis-quoting, been a few years since I read it.