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Wait, WHAT? Super porn?

Newsarama is counting down the 10 most wish-we-could-forget moments in DCU history, and I missed this one.

Did THIS really happen?! Was I actually able to forget this ever occurred? Can I do it again?

From the page...

You've heard about this one, right? In Action Comics #592 and #593, shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths, John Byrne introduced a new villain named Sleez, who manages to trick Superman and Big Barda into filming a sex tape with each other. Yep.

Mr. Miracle, Big Barda's husband and fellow New God, wasn't too happy to find out -- wait, let's rewind. Mr. Miracle saw the film because Darkseid gave him a copy of the tape. That's right -- Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips and generally the worst dude around in the DC Universe, tasked his minions to hit up the porno shops in Metropolis in search of a stag film on VHS.

This actually all might be pretty funny in an Elseworlds or "Bizarro Comics" story, but no, it was right there in continuity, filling two issues of one of the longest-running series in American comic book history.

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Oh ho ho, there was a lot more wrong with this episode than just the stag film. When Superman finds Barda being mindcontrolled into doing a striptease by Sleez (with the implication that he did OTHER THINGS to her as well), Superman's initially response is to infere that she's a prostitute because of all the makeup she was made to wear.

Or the fact that Darkseid apparently has agents trawling Earth's porn shops for videos for him to watch, resulting in him finding the Superman/Barda tape and giving it to Scott (without telling him first what's on it). This kind of means that there are probably clips of Barda and Superman doing it floating around on the internet in the DCU, especially as Countdown showed that Sleez was still canon.

Anyways, here's Linkara's review of the two issues (yes, this was a two parter) where you can get a better idea of the horrible that is this storyline,