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A Sandman/Hawkeye team-up!

These scans are from Solo Avengers #6, #7, and #17. They are written by Tom DeFalco; #6 and #7 are illustrated by Mark Bright, #17 is by Al Milgrom and Don Heck.

The Red Skull she's talking about is Albert Malik.

During the battle, Hawkeye throws one of the Skull's men into the giant dome filled with sand.

"--by condemning these costumed fools to death!"

The Red Skull prepares to escape in his ship as the warhead starts ticking. Hawkeye shoots an explosive-tipped arrow into the ship and the Peregrine pulls him out.

#7 begins with the Bartovian Liberation Front taking over the Orly International Airport.

The leader of the group takes a young woman hostage and orders the guards to drop their weapons. Hawkeye offers to pay Sable a dollar if she'll help.

Hawkeye goes to get his costume from the baggage.

After getting his costume, Hawkeye finds some more members of the group and takes them down.

The leader of the group tries escaping with a few of his men and is stopped by Hawkeye.

#17 begins with Hawkeye at a warehouse spying on an illegal arms deal after an anonymous tip was sent to the Avengers headquarters. Sandman sneaks up behind him.

Hawkeye angrily says that he's an Avenger only, and that he and Sable have only done each other some favors.

A man in a trenchcoat arrives and is greeted by Madame Menace.

Hawkeye doesn't want to let the person buying the weapons go and attacks them, and Sandman joins in. The man Menace was making a deal with turns out to be Doctor Octopus.

Hawkeye, who had damaged his hearing back in his miniseries, turns off the hearing aids he wears and disables Menace's weapon.

Hawkeye tries grabbing one of Doctor Octopus's tentacles, who is escaping in a helicopter.

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