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Chanced upon a fun couple of commissions up at CAF and as a result, found the website of Caanan Grall, an Australian cartoonist (though now living in Canada)

He has a couple of cool web comic series on his website, including "Max Overacts" a sort of Calvin and Hobbes without the Hobbes series, as an aspiring young actor (VERY young, as in kindergarton) seeks to make his mark on the world, much to the exasperation of his parents and older sister.

In his mind, ANYTHING is a chance to perform, case in point!

C'mon roleplaying Cluedo (or Clue, depending on your degree of Americanicity) would be AWESOME! :)

A small selection of the commissions up on his website (There are larger scans there)

I can also recommend his Muppets/Thor cross-over!
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