Date: 2011-09-02 09:41 am (UTC)
golden_orange: trust me, i'm wearing a vegetable. (Default)
Which is why I agreed that you had a point that he didn't know what the risks were when he took the ring off (although not thinking ahead doesn't necessarily equal being a jerk, particularly if the potential consequences aren't anything you'd be conditioned to think of yet and if the guy you're taking the ring from should be paying more attention to his potentially-destructive-yet-strangely-easily-swiped power source rather than throwing his weight around and being a bigger jerk to you). But you did specifically use the example of a 'life-support system' in your first post.

(And if it was the One True Ring, then Batman just saved Green Lantern from the influence of the Dark Lord Sauron -- putting it on was the bad thing, not taking it off. :-D)
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