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For the weekend, some fun little commissions! :)

After reading on s_d for some time, and not without nodding agreement on a regular basis, about the objectification of women in terms of super-costume designs... I'd pondered what the reverse would be like....

Remembering this delightful fellow from the Superman issue where Mr Mxyzptlk switches the genders of everyone on Earth, and the memorable cover to All-Star Squadron #1 I asked my old buddy Mitch Ballard to see what he could do... and I think he surpassed himself

+ =

The Boys of Prey

Meet Bob Gordon, Danny Lance and Alan Bertinelli, aka Oracle, Black Condor and Hunter (and yes, he has the belly window, HE does sit ups too you know).

All is not well though in this universe, as many familiar faces are looking a little odd. There's a SuperMAN, and Nightwing appears to be a fellow too! Good think Wildcat, Fox and Wonder Warrior are still as they should be, especially with the likes of Harlan Quinn and Poison Oak around! :) (and as for the visiting interlopers from the Marvel Universe, some of them seem to be having the same situation! Captain America is male, and Cypher looks like a BOY!)

I love the fun that Mitch had with these, no way I would have come up with Scarlet Warlock, Mr Marvel or a male Raven! :)

Oh, and some time after I commissioned it, I saw this picture from SDCC 2011! God, I love cosplayers!!

He also sent me these as a nice surprise, he'd cound a couple of 3"x3" pieces he did back in 1988 and thought I'd like them... GUess what, I do! :)

And this is another fun piece I've just obtained, with Ben "Ninja High School" Dunn tackling the Team Supreme!

Ah, brain and brawn.. always a dynamite combo! :)

And this last is one I sort of inspired, but didn't actually commission directly. I'd mentioned in fun, the idea of wanting a commission of Batman with side-kick themed little Pokéballs lining his utility belt, and CrimsonHorror on DA went for it and designed first the Pokeballs and then the assorted Pickachu! I then giffed them together and got THIS!

Tim as the Swan Queen never gets old! :)
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Yea, the Imps are *so* powerful they really can just accidentally do all kinds of stuff.