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ComicBookResources has the live interview with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness about the upcoming Avengers storyline.

One shot, one kill.

From the article:

As to how Cable's mission relates to the Avengers, Loeb said he "doesn't want to give away too much," but "how Cable survived Messiah Complex and Second Coming—and I do consider those one big arc—if there had been even a hint that the Avengers had something to do with Hope's future, he would... do something too them." Loeb was very cautious, but Brevoort was happy to be slightly more forthcoming with "X-Sanction" details.

Brevoort said the event will put Cable in conflict with characters readers aren't used to seeing him with. "The definition of Cable as a father out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character a weight and heft you can relate to on a very human level." There are also "some larger situations going on" for both Nate and the Avengers.

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