Date: 2011-09-16 03:56 am (UTC)
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Really, the lost potential of the Alpha Dawgs isn't as Slade's crew - there are characters you can do a 'uber-serious badass saddled with probably-competent-but-too-goonish-to-really-notice team' story with...Slade ain't one of them. It can only end up like this one did.

No, if the Dawgs had any potential as continuing characters, it's as antagonists.

Picture this. Slade basically says 'fuck all a' y'all, I'm going solo again', then puts a bullet in Christoph. He turns to the nearest Dawg, tears into them for being crap wannabes, and storms out.

Then the Dawgs, of course, take that as a challenge. Cue them popping up regularly (but not constantly enough to get annoying), trying to steal his kills, or to kill the man himself. Succeeding enough on the first to not become pure comic relief, but not enough to undercut 'Stroke's badassitude. Fail on the latter every time, of course, but they should give him a good run most times...and whenever they don't. they have to recruit a new third member.
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