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A ghostly figure arrived to steal children. Batwoman arrived to stop the creature, but the spectral kidnapper stole away with the little ones, and the heroine promised to get them back. Cut to Gotham P.D., as Detective Maggie Sawyer concludes her interview with the grieving parents

Date: 2011-09-17 02:05 pm (UTC)
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I also note that she's got a bit of the goth-y look going in her civilian identity, mainly in the makeup.

Now, this may just be from her not getting much sun, because she's always out all night and sleeping most of the day, plus going with goth makeup to disguise the remnants of blackout makeup worn around her eyes in case one of her mask's lenses is dislodged. (One of my stepnieces went through a goth phase for about three or four years, and even three years later, she *still* has dark circles under her eyes and dark eyelids from the black makeup working itself into her skin.)


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