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A couple of covers of interest... or perturbation (or any other sort of urbation that you please)

Another couple of covers

As Haly’s continues to travel the east coast, Dick’s search for answers take him – and the circus – to Miami! But when a case from Gotham City brings Barbara Gordon to Florida, Nightwing and Batgirl must work together to bring a thief to justice. Be here as Nightwing and Batgirl tackle South Beach – and discover the true nature of the circus! The answers start this issue!

Honestly Dick, only you could make auto-erotic asphyxiation a two man job!

And at the other end of the scale, the downright disturbing...

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY
Batman and Robin are at the mercy of NoBody as he forces them to embrace a new way to battle crime and injustice. But Batman has other ideas! Plus: Don’t miss the origin of NoBody!

I have NO idea what the symbolism of this one is, and I'm not sure I want to... That's Damian emerging from his daddy'[s cowl, which looks a bit like a ladies... well, if you have to ask, you're too young to ask....

And now for something unusual for me; a "Context is for the weak" post

Now this commission is not mine, and is by the inestimable Chris "The Mighty Thor" Samnee whose work we have enjoyed many times here.

On the one hand Batman pulling Robin out of a mud puddle, and like any kid his age, Robin is laughing himself silly....

On the other... that's not mud he's covered in that... ummm... well, aside from some really horrible implications, it's at the very least sentient bits of Matt Hagen....

And for no reason than it has Batman, Robin and Clayface, a fun cover from Detective comics 735, showing what I've always said, that one Robin is never enough... ;)

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You put a ten year old inside and see what it looks like then.

No. No I won't! D:

The fact it took 20 comments for anyone to say that makes me feel a LITTLE better.

Reconsidering the matter, perhaps you're right. Perhaps this cover symbolises Damian's forsaking Talia, and embracing an identity as part of the batfamily.

Emerging from the cowl, he is now reborn from Bruce, who is at once the stern patriarch and the mystical, life-giving *bat-mother* (this is symbolised by his new costume, which emphasises his phallic region while also having that saucy piping which looks a bit like sexy stockings and suspenders and stuff, which as we all know is a long-standing symbol of female seductiveness and sexual power).

But the batarangs grasped in his hands suggest violence; an aggressive act as he tears himself from Bruce and establishes his own identity - an act of violence that is at once a birthing and a transgressive sexual conquest of his powerful father-mother.

Meaning of course that Damian is a bat-mother-fucker.
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*slow clap*
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I thought the image looked blatantly vaginal before I even saw your commentary on it.
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