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Blue Beetle #1

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We start with an alien empire called The Reach sending one of their Scarab units to Earth to conquer it many many years ago. A green lantern try to intercept it path but only manage to damage the Scarab a bit.

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Present day as Jaime and Paco heads towards Brenda birthday party at her aunts house. Tia Amparo paid serious money for the Scarab to come illegal to the usa with smugglers. Paco accidentally crashes his car hitting one of the villain's working for Amparo.

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[personal profile] tauruschick12 2011-09-22 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, this was a great issue. Yeah, the origin's been done, and not that long ago, but Jaime's really popular now, and I've seen a lot of people interested in reading a series with him in it thanks to word of mouth, so this might actually be really good- they can re-start the series, and actually keep it straight on going, without canceling and uncanceling like so many other new heroes get.

For some reason, though, on tumblr and LJ and such, people have been complaining about how Jaime argues with his mom because she won't let him go to the party, and he gets snippy with her, and because of that, people are saying: 'Nooooooo Jaime would never disrespect or talk back or argue with his mom I AM NEVER BUYING THIS UGH'...and I'm just matter what the kid, mom, or family life is like, ALL teenagers get snippy with their parents at some point or another, that is the way of life, is it so unusual that he, a teenage boy, would do the same? :/

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I just felt it was okay. Like all the characters seemed... lesser

Jaime sneaking out and the way he talked to him mom. Jaime may be snarky but he's polite.

Them seeming scared of La Dama, enoguht to forbif Jaime to be there. In the old series an injured Alberto Reyes stood up to her face to face even with her backed with goons.

Paco dropping out. Sure we only saw his family once but it seemed like a positive influence, if slightly Roseanne-ish.