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It's not needing prompts, it's needing time. Delegating what he can lets him solve the crime faster, thus go on to the next unsolved crime. No shortage of that in Gotham.

Batman isn't just a guy who fights people or looks cool swinging between rooftops; he's a detective, in fact he's "THE Detective" in Ra's Al Ghul's assessment, it's his defining intellectual trait. His mind is naturally tuned to deduction, logic and reason. If he's not shown USING that to solve the crimes on his own then he's not really being Batman... IMHO of course. Using Oracle just seemed to be used a lazy prop so they didn't have to show him working things out on his own.

Yes I know modern crime fiction has moved on and even allowing for the outrageous mad-science that shows up in CSI et al, there would be a lot more techwork involved, but I want to see the brainwork.
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