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Sam Clay would probably wet himself seeing this :D

Sooo... are they the Jean Men now? What happened to Xavier's? Will Cyclops' teams no longer be teaching? Doesn't seem likely as Emma's main focus has always been the teaching of Mutants. But perhaps Cyclops' school will focus for on survival and protection?

one interesting thing that came up in the last issue of Schism... Cyclops stated that Wolverine had been neglecting his teaching duties, that if he had trained them the way he should have been instead of playing the Loner, things may not have been as bad as they turned out, i think he makes a valid point, maybe that point stuck and that's why he's doing this... Headmaster wolverine is interesting... though he's still running X-Force... so he hasn't abbandoned the "Wetworks" aspect...

Okay X-Men... i'll bite....

Edit: I was thinking to myself... that's a cool school.... its a HUGE school... then i though.... Are there enough Mutants to warrant not only building such a huge school, but to also warrant splitting into two different schools? Maybe something happens in Children's Crusade, as well as Generation Hope that we have yet to see, thoughts?

Date: 2011-09-28 09:47 pm (UTC)
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Wrong arc! He likes being a masked vigilante in the X-Dudes mini, but he doesn't really like the whole ... constantly fighting for his life thing. It's treated as being something fun rather than a fight for survival? They're not the same thing.

No, Pixie didn't say that. What she says is that he was the most against it. The dialogue is a little hard to parse because of its ambiguity but Julian definitely doesn't want to be there. He's just there because the rest of them are and he's fighting for them, and not Utopia. As for trying to kill her, is this in the NXM arc where she gets him high? Because that was played for laughs.

I'd rather they not get drowned out by the Lights, to be honest. They already have been thus far, and I'd really like a book where they get to be the students too and not just forgotten entirely.


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