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By david Liss
A grizzly series of murders have occurred and all the women who have been killed were previously rescued by the Black Panther. Someone has a personal grudge at it is closer to home.

Hunter is tchallas adopted brother who I think was introduced in Christopher priests run. I am glad he is being brought back he is awesome. Anyway he targets women to lure out his brother.



That is a pretty awesome back story, and I dig the cain and abel vibe. I wonder if Shuri has ever met him, the age difference seems pretty big and he was exiled a long time ago.


This is a good page of him out of costume, and I know what your thinking... BLACK Panther's brother WHITE wolf has a fine set of facial hair. The girl on the ground, sofia(a young former serbian rebel/waitress) is a lot like BPs sidekick in this series and she has been awesome in this issue.(I might need to do a whole post about her). I wish I could post more of Hunter and tchalla fighting but page count. Here is the emotional brother moment.


Its ok tchalla we all have a brother who kills innocent people to get back at us.

Jefte Paolo's art is awesome.

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He was bitten by a radioactive goth roleplayer.


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