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The Flash Shows Us How It's Done

Two page spread from The Flash #1 behind the cut.

Silver Age Done Right
I think Flash was the only comic of the new 52 to do that old fashioned origin blurb thing.
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Barry seemed fun and had a bit of a personality here. I think that was the chief complaint of post-Rebirth Barry: no one really cared. He was still pretty boring, by the numbers, and showed no signs of real life.

I do hate that his marriage to Iris has been retconned. The concept of a Flash Family where they're all family men (and women, if you count Jesse) was a great touch, and one of my more endearing notions. However, I'm happy with how the comic feels, and Iris is at least a strong presence in the story, it seems.

I do miss Wally. It's his personality and his history that made me love him, and I will maintain to my dying breath that Barry Allen was much more effective as a dead spirit that everyone was trying to live up to after such a noble sacrifice, but I'm not going to shun this book just yet.

And as mentioned before, MY GOD THAT ART. So good.
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Funnily enough, isn't the 'boring' thing also tacked onto Hal Jordan at times, and especially while Johns has been writing him? I think the key is there, personally, and says a lot about Johns interpretation of these characters. Get Barry from under his pen and he becomes a bit more interesting? Imagine that.
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The problem is Johns wants to write them like epitomal Silver Age Christ-like figures walking the Earth, and really play that up. But you can't DO that anymore. Readers want characters with flaws just as ugly as the things that make them beautiful now.

Barry and Hal as a by-the-book Police Scientist and a fearless, ladies man air pilot worked in the 60s because their secret IDs were second fiddle to the costumes and the bad guys. In this day and age, the trials of the human are just as important as the super human.

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not every reader. I just like to point out there's at least one who doesn't.

And I've certainly never considered myself a unique person