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Hmmm. This is far more interesting than I anticipated.

Things to like, here: Clark is more than a front for Superman. I like being reminded that Clark is about helping people...which isn't just a motivator for Superman, but for Clark Kent. If ANY Superhero can be said to be about Integrity, it's him. I like that this paints Clark's world as involved as Superman's world. I like that Lois is more of the pragmatist, but still fiery and willing to stand up to her boss.

And it only makes sense to discuss the newspaper angle. Back in the 1970s, when Clark became a TV journalist, it seemed...off. It was meant to be forward-thinking, but newspapers weren't in jeopardy back then. TV journalism was ascendant, but print journalism still was landing stuff like Watergate. But today, we have newspapers failing across the country, circulation rates plummeting and fewer and fewer people working in the industry. Absolute circulation is about the same as the late 1960s...but with a population that has increased dramatically...meaning actual circulation numbers are way down. Most cities only have a single newspaper these days and no longer have multiple daily editions. Put simply, newspapers are a dying model...and I expect Clark Kent to end up as a contributor to DailyPlanet.com or something soon.

I definitely need to pick this up.

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