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Whimper.... George Perez drawing m'man! :)

It's been a long, stressful week at work (I use stressful, but that doesn't quite convey the sense of a seemingly endless series of nerve shredding, bowel tightening moments), so I decided to get myself a little treat this weekend. So when I happened past a copy of the new "New Teen Titans" hardback, "Games" I couldn't resist.

Now, "Games" has a long (and I mean LONG) genesis, it's being released 25 years after it was started (and ironically maybe a week after the entire history of the Teen Titans is up in air), Marv Wolfman and George Perez started it, then stopped, and just never got back around to it, until recently when they got back together to finish it.

Now they had to do a fair rewrite of it, incorporating the pages George had already drawn, and events which happen in it basically make this into an alt-universe story in and of itself.

The story is... to be honest... not particularly awesome, there are a lot of rather random villains introduced to make the plot work, and the final reveal isn't notably well done. Within the page limits, they're a fairly lacklustre group, though there are several of them who would be well worth a more detailed appearance. For those of you who've read it, I'd say I want to see Knight and Squire (no, not Cecil and Beryl) and Holox again.

There's also the death of a long standing member of the cast which is rather gratuitous and a sort of fridging (inasmuch as it's used to get an emotional reaction from the Titan they know) but it's handled fairly tastefully and has a nice payoff at the end, with everyone's LEAST favourite Titan having a couple of good moments too, and which might have saved that character if Titans Hunt hadn't come along.

But that's by the by, and I'll let someone else post pages from the actual story if they see fit, I just wanted to showcase this gorgeous page and a bit, which reminds me yet again, that there is NO ONE who draws Dick Grayson as perfectly as George Perez

The puffing isn't me, but it was a close run thing... ye gods but that's some pretty manflesh

Also, just for kicks, a page showing that Joey Wilson, owner of absurdly luxuriant locks and sideburns the likes of which comics have not seen before or since, has absolutely NO shame when it comes to headwear either.

And for those interested, a quick check of the ASL (American Sign Language) website, confirms that Joey is spelling out T-I-T-A-N-S there.

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