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Amazing Spiderman #671 preview

ComicBookResources finally has the fight we've been waiting for. Mary "Tiger balm" Jane with spider powers vs. Carlie "Housewrecker" Cooper man-spider.

Or something like it.

As soon as I saw Carlie shed her "ooh, a dork-able beard of Peter-I-SOLD-MY-MARRAIGE-TO-THE-DEVIL-Parker" and show her true face, every time I see Mary Jane punch, kick, or take a piece of New York city and SWAT a spider I know she's hitting Carlie. Because my mind refuses to accept anything less.

You be the judge.

So, you were waiting for pages of Mary Jane stepping up and showing why she was the girl MEANT for Peter Parker, here she is.

Take THAT, Carlie!

Ramos, you HAVE to improve your art. Action looks good, but dang, those faces.i've seen more emotion on a Barbie doll.

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Oh great, Liefeld possessed the body of the artist again, didn't he?
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Come to think of it, she DOES have a mutant foot at the bottom of the first scan, doesn't she?
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Nah, nah, she's got facial expressions beyond constipated gurning and yelling, actually has feet consistently, and whilst the style is a bit divisive, there's at least a good, cartoony energy to it. Liefeld can't do any of those things consistently, especially giving his art any sense of energy or movement.