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Where it all started to go wrong for the Enchantress

In a previous post, we looked at the June Moone Enchantress' origin, in which she was basically a Sailor Moon type magical girl warrior in 1966, some decades before Naoko Takeuchi came up with the concept. Sadly, DC failed to realize what a cash cow this idea could turn into, and after three short stories, sent the character into limbo. So, how did the Enchantress go from magical girl to the insane witch we see in Justice League Dark? Here's the first step in that process.

Four pages of twelve from the lead story in Superman Family #204 (December 1980).

At this point in her history, Supergirl was Linda Danvers, student counselor for New Athens Experimental School in Santa Augusta, Florida. The splash page has her returning from a month's vacation, which consisted of non-stop crises, so she's about ready to go back to her peaceful day job. Except that the school campus is undergoing an earthquake!

Supergirl tosses her luggage into the sky, deals with a building about to collapse, then catches her suitcases on the way down when the quake abruptly ceases. She notes that Santa Augusta isn't situated near any major faults, and the movements were a trifle odd, but now she needs to become Linda Danvers and check in.

At the administration building, Linda runs into Dean Lyman (a full-figured woman) and Ben Pierce (an older man, very conservative, doesn't like Linda much.) Ben has been even more irritable than usual since the school expanded the parapsychology department. (Which brings up an interesting point regarding the place of parapsychology in higher education in the DC universe, but I digress.) Handsome student teacher Paul French is having trouble with the school's seismograph, but interrupts himself to kiss Linda.

Outside, it's night already, and the full moon has risen. Supergirl decides to head to the epicenter to fix the earthquake problem head on. But when she gets to said epicenter, there's no sign of anything that could be causing the seismic activity. Supergirl, does, however, get a feverish, sick sensation, kind of like the flu (but not like Kryptonite poisoning.) She quickly burrows back upward to find herself back on the New Athens campus, where a shadowy figure recognizes Supergirl.

There's a page recapping Enchantress' origin, but with her hair black with blue highlights rather than dark red.

Enchantress rants that her actions are necessary and that Supergirl has no right to interfere, but without explaining her motives. Supergirl disagrees, and rips up the turf to toss the Enchantress off-balance. Enchantress has run out of time, and retreats while mentioning that Dzamor wants her to do this.

The next morning, Linda goes to the parapsychology building to check out their library. She's not able to find any mention of Dzamor, but June Moone (who moves so silently Linda doesn't hear her coming up) gives her a quick rundown on how the Nether Gods can influence the lives of humans when cosmic conditions are exactly right.

It's at this moment that Ben Pierce shows up to remind Linda that she needs to open her office by nine A.M., pointedly looking at his watch. (How did he know she was in the parapsychology building, or alternatively, why was *he* there?) Linda promises herself to concentrate on her day job during school hours.

Yes, you read that right, Supergirl just kicked the moon out of its orbit. This isn't the only time she's ever done that, either. Supergirl uses her telescopic vision to see that it worked; Enchantress has lost control of her spell and the will of Dzamor has been thwarted. Enchantress swears vengeance and vanishes in a cloud of green smoke.

Supergirl kicks the moon back into its proper orbit, then returns to Santa Augusta to help with the cleanup. She fails to notice June Moone angrily glaring at her and vowing to return next issue.

I don't have that issue, but after that Enchantress vanished for a while, next turning up as one of the Forgotten Villains.

Your thoughts and comments?

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