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With friends like these... who needs imaginary, identical friends?

Images from Moon Knight #6 below the cut, showcasing the confusing situation that Mr. Marc Spector should have anticipated finding himself in...

Moon Knight has been having an interesting time on the West Coast. He's assumed the daytime mantle of television producer by day, haunts LA by night in the old silver cloak, and six issues into his new series he's already found himself in possession of a disembodied Ultron head. Along the way he seems to have developed three extra facets of his infamous dissociative identity disorder; in addition to old mainstay personalities Marc Spector, Moon Knight, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley (although the latter two have made no appearance thus far, and Moon Knight appears to be indistinguishable from Marc Spector from what I've noticed), MK now has imaginary versions of Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine kicking around in his skull.

Primarily they seem to exist to give him opposing viewpoints on any given situation that he finds himself faced with, forcing him to look at problems from all angles before coming to a conclusion. Advisory positions. But like Lockley and Grant used to, they sometimes assert themselves in a more active role... i.e. becoming the dominant personality for brief periods. To make the new personalities more comfortable in his/their skin, Marc has taken to carrying a set of retractable  claws and a Spider-Man outfit.

In trying to get to the bottom of what he's calling the "Kingpin of LA," MK has accidentally blown the cover of one Maya Lopez, AKA Echo. After a few issues of distrust and second-guessing, they've joined forces to get to the bottom of who, exactly, it is that's after Ultron's head.

This doesn't come about easily. The last time they parted ways, it was with Marc laid out on his ass after a rather ill-timed kiss to the unsuspecting Maya. She, naturally, punched him repeatedly in the face and he (also naturally) fell in love. They both felt bad about their own actions afterwards. Naturally.

So Echo sneaks into MK's house to check up on him.

It's a valid concern. Space must be getting quite cramped in his poor noggin.

She is indeed "real" (he excuses the question with a muttered remark about having had vivid dreams), and looking to both apologize for the whole face-punching thing (and Marc hastily apologizes for the catalyst kiss, explaining that he had "clearly misread the signs" that he had sensed from her), and also to use his huge mostly-empty house as a place to crash. Since he did kind of blow her cover in LA and all.

He says sure, she goes off to shower, and then Marc is treated to yet another "Uh-oh, are they real?" moment when Wolverine, Captain America and Spider-Man appear in front of him. It turns out that they're real, as well.

Thus far, the Avengers have had no idea about the new residents inside Marc's head. Spider-Man wastes little time in breaching the subject though.

Wolverine says he likes the plan now. We'll have to see what happens when he finds out about Marc's new fist-mounted knives sometime...

And hey, lookit married Luke Cage averting his eyes when Echo walks in wearing nothing but a towel. Nice detail. The rest of the Avengers are pretty nonchalant about both Marc and Maya debriefing them while de-briefed.

It's got very little in common with the Charlie Huston series that I loved so much, but this incarnation of Moon Knight has been its own sort of entertaining thus far.

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