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Wow! I didn't notice it had been announced before, but... Here's something nobody will probably care about
besides me and other fans of these characters or creator but..

"Weird Worlds" characters Garbage Man and Tanga are back in publication, "New 52" DCnU or not! This new title is called "My Greatest Adventure" which is actually a throwback to an old DC book were Doom Patrol stories ran in, many years back.

Here's the official solicit:

The adventures of Garbage Man and Tanga from WEIRD WORLDS continue – and now, these offbeat heroes are joined by the Robotman, who has a disturbing knack for self-destruction!

This anthology series is back, only now they ditched Lobo for what seems to be Doom Patrol's Robotman (sporting a new ugly redesign btw). Here's the previews for all three features:

Boy is this new design for Cliff ugly...

Won't it be a bit confusing for new readers to have two similarly designed "swamp creatures" running around the DCU?

Awesome, this means more Kevin Maguire and that makes me happy <3

[Above: From Weird World]


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