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I think part of what hasn't helped this 'growing back into the role' is the refusal to tell us explicitly and immediately how Babs was healed or whether her spine was that severely damaged at all by the Joker or whether she needed several years of presumably intense physical therapy. Regardless of the answer, I think getting that out of the way early on would've allowed Gail to run with her story a little more. Instead, we can guarantee several more issues filled with puns and lines on her ability to walk, and the payoff simply won't be worth it.

And despite suggestions to the contrary, I think drawing this out is entirely Gail's setup, and editorial and the higher-ups just told her to figure it out, since these kinds of drawn out plotlines really aren't uncommon for her - and I'm thinking specifically of stuff like the White Canary mystery. It's just a shame her resolutions to many of the plotlines she sets up aren't quite as good as getting there.


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