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Uncanny X-Force #17 - Dark Angel Saga preview

Archangel moves to the endgame. ComicbookResources has the worldess preview of issue #17.

And we get an answer to a nagging question from way back in the 90's.

Wow, most of the art looks pretty, except for Psylocke not looking Japanese anymore.

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So what's the nagging question?
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he can teleport? i am guessing traveling through water...?
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heh, cool.

yeahi remember Emma possesing bobby.

the way i thought was that Bobby rarely ever felt the need to be a "powerhouse" so he never really used his powers to thier fullest extent. it would be nice to see Him, cut loose again.
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I remember that too, though I never quite got how Emma knew how to do those things if Bobby couldn't.

Of course, in Age of Apocalypse, Iceman was more "sentient ice" than "Bobby Drake." IIRC, Scott Lobdell said getting broken and reforming so many times skewed Bobby's perspective on things.
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that makes sense. i mean its been established that reforming takes a HUGE amount of effort on Bobby's part. having to constantly do that probably has some effect on one's self identity.
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I think they've even gone so far as to say that when he makes ice, he's not just freezing whatever ambient water vapor there is, he's actually creating it eh nihilo. (Though my personal theory is that, since Loki's amped up his powers before, he's summoning the ice it from Niflheim.)
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Certainly he's being used as the fresh water supply for Utopia, and I really doubt that's from dehumidifying the atmosphere around it. Thinking about it, collecting it and freezing it without dumping the waste heat anywhere would be immensely impressive in itself. Certainly an X-Gene can either lets you break the laws of thermodynamics or tap into some other dimension as a power source.
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There was also a Thor issue during Walt Simonson's run were Loki kidnaps Bobby and uses his powers to power up the Frost Giants and make them big.

But yeah I agree Bobby is insanely powerful, he just doesn't realize his full potential.