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Sometimes ya gotta fight Evil (Masters of) in your underwear

Greetings True Believers!

It's time for some classic Avengers. Avengers #222 to be precise. It's a selection from when She-Hulk was the new kid on the block. Masters of Evil, '80s fashion, jerky Hawkeye and oh yes, THE '80S.


Fear the Odinson's crotch-first battle tactics!

She-Hulk has just joined Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Wasp offers to take her shopping for some new duds before the Avengers weekly powwow.

In 1982 fashion = disco pirate.

Actually, I can see Jen/Clint.

Meanwhile! Egghead sends the Masters of Evil to take on the Avengers.

Thor always leads with his hammer...both of them.

Really Jan?

The battle goes back and forth.

It's the cherry on top...a De Lorean reference!

Long live the '80S!

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Thor's trying to hit Whirlwind with a hurricanrana.