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In The Batman and Robin Adventures #22, Two-Face is saddled with a quarter when he's sprung from custody by a mobster. I fell in love with it when someone posted it in s_d 1.0. I didn't remember the name at the time and now that I've tracked it down it seemed only right to share it here.


This issue opens with Two-Face being "rescued" from a police transport by some mob goons. Amidst the hubub Two-Face drops his coin, and the goons refuse to let him retrieve it, telling him they'll get him another one.....

The replacement is less than desirable....

Infantino explains that he broke Harvey out because he thinks Harvey can help him eliminate a mob rival, Weird Tony Hendra. In his last days as DA, Harvey was working on a case against Hendra, but the case fizzled out after Harvey became Two-Face. Infantino's hoping Harvey can give him enough information so he can set the cops on Hendra a second time.

Such a decision on Harvey's part, of course, requires a flip of the coin. Unfortunately for Infantino, it comes up tails. Harvey says, sorry, can't help him.

Infantino doesn't take this so well...

Infantino reiterates that he's not messing around; he storms out with a couple goons, presumably to go after Grace. I get the sense that Harvey is getting frustrated with his coin here -- he flips it a second time when Infantino brings up Grace, as if he's looking for a different answer from the coin.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin are hot on the case of kidnapped Harvey, but we'll get to them later. Back at Infantino's nightclub...

Harvey gets away from the thugs and races out of the nightclub to the nearest payphone. Interesting to note that we don't see Harvey use the coin to decide whether or not to escape and warn Grace. Did he do it off panel, or was this one choice he didn't want to leave to the coin toss?

Moving on...

The goons take Harvey back to the club. Meanwhile, Grace calls Bruce (being as Harvey and she were friends with him) in a panic about what just happened. After telling her he'll send Alfred to pick her up, he and Robin go to her apartment and catch Infantino and his goons. Robin deduces Infantino was probably dumb enough to have Harvey stashed at his own club, and the two head off to rescue Harvey.

As the heroic duo rush onto the scene, Harvey flips is coin over which side to join. The coin directs him against Bats and Robin; after Two-Face takes them out with an expertly wielded chair, one of the goons recovers enough to decide to shoot the incapacitated Batman and Robin and make himself famous.

As Two-Face lunges Sal shoots him in the shoulder. A recovered Robin intervenes, chucking a chair at Sal and taking him out. He helps Bats up,  and Bruce notes how Two-Face took a bullet for him...

There's a lot to love in this story. I love how Harvey still cares about Grace, I love how he beats the shit out of the payphone.

But most of all I love seeing a side of Two-Face being resistant to the coin's outcomes. When Infantino first asks for his help, Two-Face casually turns him down when the scarred side comes up -- the coin frees him from making decisions. But when Grace is threatened, the coin starts to become more of an impediment: it's now a compulsion that threatens to constrain him. He's clearly annoyed when the toss again directs him to refuse Infantino; in contrast, when he flips to decide whether to use the quarter to call Grace, he's relieved when it comes up heads. It's a different dynamic between Harvey and his coin than we usually see.

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