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Journey Into Mystery 630 - STORYTIME WITH VOLSTAGG!

This was a HARD issue to just cull four pages from for posting. I hope others can grab the bits I didn't. :D

Hildy's at the table with her Mom, being a quiet and dignified alpha-brat. :) (Must have got it from Hogun.)

Is anyone else hearing the Popeye music here?

Kids have their priorities straight, I see.


shadowpsykie: Information (Default)

[personal profile] shadowpsykie 2011-10-26 20:21 (UTC)(link)
okay, this is cute... and well drawn... but despite ALL that... it still made me go... meh....
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[personal profile] hero_of_lallor 2011-10-26 20:32 (UTC)(link)
Where has your soul gone Shadowpixie? For shame!
shadowpsykie: Pixie/Anole (Pixie/Anole)

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i don;'t know... i'm shadowPSYKIE (as in shadow psyche) LOL

it is gone... into my soul dagger.... you can't see my darkstreaks because my hair is already dark! :D
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[personal profile] baihu 2011-10-27 03:32 (UTC)(link)
To be honest, I think it's just the entire Fear Itself was so meh that not even Volstagg could make inject enough AMAZING to make you go more than 'meh!'
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OK, I was already chuckling from the start but the whole Midgard sent their womenfolk to beg for aid just killed me.

Plus a pretty Carol is pretty.
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[identity profile] crimsondude.livejournal.com 2011-10-27 05:53 (UTC)(link)
Agreed. I took a photo of that second panel with my phone as I read it at lunch so I could make it my phone's wallpaper.

It's nice to have a proper scan though. Thanks greatly.
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[personal profile] nezchan 2011-10-26 21:22 (UTC)(link)
I love the easy joking between VOLSTAGG and his dear wife, especially the bit about jogging.
dr_archeville: Doctor Arkeville (Default)

[personal profile] dr_archeville 2011-10-26 21:30 (UTC)(link)
I can't not hear this in Batman: the Brave and the Bold's Aquaman's voice.

And that is good.
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[personal profile] his_spiffynesss 2011-10-26 21:43 (UTC)(link)
Oh yes, he's almost as good as Brian Blessed.
sir_mikael: (Default)

[personal profile] sir_mikael 2011-10-27 20:27 (UTC)(link)
That's who I heard reading this.

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[personal profile] glprime 2011-10-27 08:21 (UTC)(link)
Bless St. John Di Maggio.
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[personal profile] proteus_lives 2011-10-26 22:25 (UTC)(link)
This issue was made of awesome.

I was going to post it myself but alas, ya beat me to it.

At least I don't have to suffer with what to cut when every page is gold! :D
abriel: (pic#821064)

[personal profile] abriel 2011-10-26 22:44 (UTC)(link)
So who is going to scan the page featuring Odin taking away the brown paper bag full of, er, Serpent remains? My digicam is broke :P
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[personal profile] ian_karkull 2011-10-26 23:15 (UTC)(link)
Fear Itself: How It Should Have Ended

Also, hooray for referencing the Volstagg clan.

dorksidefiker: (Default)

[personal profile] dorksidefiker 2011-10-27 00:23 (UTC)(link)
Hildy's question after the story breaks my heart. Also, loving her in this art, I really am.
drmcninja: (Default)

[personal profile] drmcninja 2011-10-27 03:35 (UTC)(link)
I love the poke at the event itself, with Thor and the hammers.
pyynk: (Default)

[personal profile] pyynk 2011-10-27 04:27 (UTC)(link)
Kieron Gillen. Made of WIN.
glprime: (Default)

[personal profile] glprime 2011-10-27 08:43 (UTC)(link)
So wish there were more occasions to say "Ladies, put away your perfumed bosoms."
endis_ni: (Default)

[personal profile] endis_ni 2011-10-27 11:22 (UTC)(link)
Seeing Nordic gods yell "DEATH TO NAZIS" makes me surprisingly happy!
lieut_kettch: (Default)

[personal profile] lieut_kettch 2011-10-27 11:28 (UTC)(link)
Popeye music? Not really. But I did envision a very Obelix-like "PAFF!" sound effect.