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Context is for the week

Three panels from Avengers Academy #20

Slashy panels asides, I liked this issue. I haven't always been as fond of AA as other people seem to be - I find the writing of the dialogues to be often too much on the nose though the stories and the characters have potential - but the Fear, Itself issues were excellent and this one was good too and makes me look forward to the future of the title :)

[personal profile] long_silence 2011-10-26 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I know what you mean about the dialogue being too on the nose. Like that Valkyrie scene where she was teaching the girls about sex toys. That gag got a chuckle out of me, but it just seemed a bit much.

[personal profile] long_silence 2011-10-27 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah a lot of the angst and all of the crap that the students go through is just so heavy handed.

Hopefully Gage dials it back on Legacy.
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So does this mean Robbie and Vance are leaving the Academy to go off an have heroic adventures of their own?

I could get behind that. Though I think the trouble with "Going where there are no heroes" means that "Usually there won't be any villains either".

But as a general not-necessarily-forever roadtrip concept I like it!
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I'd love to see Vance and Robbie's road trip. I'd love to have a comic series following this.
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Booster and Beetle for the MU?

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All innuendo aside, though....another reality show? Oh, whatever will Miriam Sharpe say?
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Re: Booster and Beetle for the MU?

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Maybe they'll write a book.
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Re: Booster and Beetle for the MU?

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Better yet, they can blog about it.

Now that would be a miniseries: Speedball and Justice answering calls for help on their facebook and twitter each week.

And then they go and troll Sally Floyd's page.
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Re: Booster and Beetle for the MU?

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I'd buy it! :)
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I bet their sex is very kinetic.
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Not really. I am Ms. Not!Subtle, and that's pretty much how I talk.
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It's like, IT WAS MADE ON PURPOSES for reposts on Scans-daily, forums boards, blogs,..