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Wolverine and the X-men #2 preview

ComicBookResources has the worldess preview.

Jean Grey's School of Higher Learning vs. Krakoa

Most of you might have predicted who/what that was at the end of first issue.

But who saw this coming?

White fur/skin. Big teeth... a Wendigo? AND one of the were-Lizards (from recent Spidey + X-men team up).
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Ummm, the white fur is the her hair and the trim on her coat.

This looks more like the N'garai they said would appear in the first arc.

Assuming that Bachalo's take on a thing will look like any previous artists take on it is a hiding to nothing.

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I think the N'Garai are going to be in Christos Gage's first issue of X-men Legacy, not Wolverine and the X-men.
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I did not know there were more of the buggers than the one Kitty Pryde killed.
Somehow I feel diminished by this news.
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There's a stone on the property that leads (or used to lead) to their dimension. Wolvie killed their leader and became an inspiration for their slave race to have a revolution.
A scientist member of said slave race later on captioned some X-men but was defeated by Cecilia Reyes butt.
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I'm trying very hard to make sense of that last sentence.
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I don't remember the exact circumstances but the bad guy had an magic amulet that basically kept them all inprisoned or something similarly mcguffin-like. Cecilia Reyes managed to escape while he was going to vivisect her and then stuff happened which made everything jump around or something. The ground sort of became bouncy or whatever. Cecilia tried to reach the amulet and destroy it. And she did. Forcefield-protected butt first. It broke on impact. I seem to remember her being very "that did not just happen..." Anyway bad guy defeated, everyone returned home, ending with the bad guy omniously possessing some random guy and presumably never being seen again.
Oh and Cecilia was wearing one of Wasp's old suits. For some reason.