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Yeah I know that the title isn't apt given that Hercules himself is a mortal at the moment, but still I think that Hercules is the anti-Hulk, his pants always come off:)

Look at the girl in yellow (Firestar), follow her line of sight, and share in her delight!

Ooh! I made a rhyme, I feel like a 49,000 year old Vandal Savage, how refreshing.

Sadly, the girl in the preview picture before the one I linked to? Yeah, that's Carlie, she lives! Oh well, she seems to be worried about something involving a tattoo, what with her being naked and all...
Yeah, there's not going to be any justice here at all... (*crosses fingers*)  Hopefully someone notices the affect of her drunken stupidity inked on her flesh (normally I high five the NYPD - she's the exception).

Date: 2011-10-28 01:36 am (UTC)
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Nice art! Have to admit though, I've gotten happily used to the Secret Avengers version of Shang Chi who looks more like Bruce Lee.


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