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3 scans from Astonishing X-Men 43

So... Danger senses another AI out there calling for help, so she calls in her favor to Emma and they go off to rescue it, from the Secret Avengers Bum bum buuuuum!

hehe okay this made me laugh... from there on the issue is REALLY great (i am NOT a fan of the art in which Emma looks very WEIRD in some of them... surprisingly Danger and Beast look great through out...

okay so Hijinks and danger (the situation, not the AI) induced banter between Emma and Beast occurs. then we get these two last pages...

I love Hank's Look on there

awwwe Emma, you always did have a soft spot for kids! I am really hoping that DOES mean she will cross over into Avengers Academy if not that is SUCH a tease! complain all you want Emma, but you KNOW you would love it!

FUnny, only in the Marvel Universe would your first "heartbreak/betrayal/eternal virtual imprisonment of the opposite sex" be a Rite of Passage...

so yeah... this was a GREAT Done in one issue. the banter between Emma and
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It would be interesting to see, for sure. Particularly seeing her with Hazmat.
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She could diamond and allow Hazmat to interact without the suit.