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Not only do I not think that the marriage won't return (outside of Stan's newspaper strip) as long as Joe Queseda and Steve Wacker are still around but MJ/Peter won't get "together" (except as a tease like here) as long as the current Powers That Be are in charge. That would be admitting they made a mistake. And when it comes to both Marvel and DC thats something they almost never do (Dan Didio still defends Countdown and Amazons Attack!)

It's almost a Hal Jordan situation IMO. By the time Green Lantern:Rebirth came around the only person of the old guard from the 90s who had been involved with the destruction of Hal and the creation of Emerald Twilight from the DC Brass/Editorial was Paul Levitz (who was soon retired) and Mike Carlin (who was phased out of DC not long after). Everyone else (Denny O'Neil, Kevin Dooley and the late Archie Goodwin) were gone and Didio and Johns who grew up with Hal brought him back.

That's probably what's going to end up happening with Peter/MJ. When the next generational shift happens at Marvel we'll see some changes (or possibly a reboot).

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