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But we know they have already changed their minds about her fate.

Do we? I recall a lot of fervent fan speculation about it, but I don't recall anything formal from DC one way or the other until the mention (by exclusion) that she had not been Robin, and the release of the reworked Batman Inc solicitation.

Certainly no statements she was dead, or had never existed.

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Admittedly, I don't remember since the reboot. But it's still telling that the Batman Inc story is the sequel (or the second part?) or a story that was started with Steph as Batgirl.

You see, you take Didio's statement of all the Robins having their own book to be a mention by exclusion, when it could as easily be taken for a statement that Steph didn't exist. It's no more a statement of Steph never being a Robin than it is of her existence being retconned away.

Whether they did or not doesn't contradict the point I was making, though.
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You see, you take Didio's statement of all the Robins having their own book to be a mention by exclusion

No, I took the statement (at some panel or other) that there had been four Robin's to be the exclusion, and Steph's appearance in Batman Inc was also discussed, so I never saw that as a statement she didn't exist.

I don't think this is the second half of a story either, all we've seen is Steph in one of the first issues of Batman Inc being given her mission, in her case to go to the School in England. That she was Batgirl. I don't think it's been referenced much since.

I'm not saying their haven't been changes, but I don't think DC has changed their mind after making those changes. The story with Steph was already set up before Flashpoint and we knew Batman and GL stories would be the least affected, so it still happening seemed inevitable.

Still, I think I'm in danger of spoiling the mood here, so I'll quietly drop out.