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From the latest GREEN ASSHOLE/INCOMPETENT LASS. Spoilers, but actually nothing plot-related or particularly new, if you've been following the trainwreck thus far...

We open with a page of the Nonfunctional Newlyweds arguing offpanel about Ollie being unwilling to talk about whatever's up with him until he's ready, while the camera watches a woman with medical diplomas on her wall grow slowly more exasperated with them.

That's right, they're in therapy.

Dammit, neither of them has a secret identity and they haven't for a long -- Wait, hold on a tick. What's that you say? You've been in therapy before? Could it be... is Kreisberg actually showing some evidence of having read or even heard of Mike Grell's GREEN ARROW?

.... no, no, sorry, false alarm, just more stupidity.

The shrink then does the whole "what about your parents" deal, and of course Dinah has intense mommy issues which she won't talk about but flashbacks anyway, which leads us right back to Dinah's adolescence and this utterly asinine, bewilderingly fuck-stupid retcon where she deafened some friend of hers.

Nirvana poster! Wow, guys, you just keep trying to pretend you can shave two decades off Dinah's age and still maintain any credibility whatsoever. That hole of yours hasn't hit bedrock yet, don't stop digging!

Dinah Laurel yells, and does not evoke the Cry, and decides it must have been some kind of weird fluke and it's gone now, becuase she's apparently just that stupid. Dinah Drake agrees with this assessment, tells her daughter everything is perfectly normal, and sends her off to the hospital to visit her friend. Then she calls some unnamed third party, says yes it's been awhile, and "Look, I know you have had... difficulty... understanding why I needed to leave. And I will be forever appreciative of your bearing that difficulty entirely on your own..."

I seem to have underestimated Kreisberg. I thought he was just writing Dinah in an utterly amateur, disrespectful way because he didn't know how to make the marriage work without forcing them into unnatural roles for their characters.

But you don't retcon Dinah Drake to make Ollie work better. This guy has designs on Canary all for her own.

Hey, let's ask Babs how she feels about all this.

... I feel ya, babe. I really do.

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