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It's not so much that they accepted an order not to intervene, but that they had another mission they got sent on immediately, and another mission after that, other things that were vital to the war effort that demanded their special expertise. They always planned to go back, they just blew up a month or two later.

But given the scale of the horror they had witnessed being inflicted on innocent civilians, does it seem likely that Captain America would leave these, already near death, people there with some sort of thought of coming back at a later date? never mind

But I don't think it's meant to come across well. How could it ever?

Not quite what I meant, it's not that the Holocaust should ever be something that "comes across well" (God forbid), but the twisting of the storyline to ensure that the eponymous heroes do nothing about it does not come across well.

And for the record, showing Steve punching Hitler was shown during the war as a propaganda image as much as anything else, and no, I don't think it's something that should be shown now as an actual plot point.
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