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In Tomorrow Stories, Alan Moore and Hilary Barta introduced another pliable superhero, in the awesome tradition of Plastic Man: the pigment of the imagination, the smudge that won't budge, the brilliant Splash Brannigan!

Splash is a superhero made of ink who spent decades locked in an ink bottle, hybernating.

Then Mrs. Screensaver, an inker at Kaput Comics, releases him when she's looking for some old black ink (because the modern one is no good):

His origins are awesome and includes a poor inker chained to his drawing table who develops 4D ink.

In the end, he gets a job at Kaput Comics inking Sarcastic Thug, a modern superhero comic book with none of the charm of Splash.

I love the palm stain on her butt.

Splash Brannigan's adventures are very satirical of modern superheroes and is full of jokes about art (in the next issue he pursues a pair of criminals inside famous paintings) and the comics industry, as we can see in Mr. Kaput's whole behaviour. Every story is very much worth reading.
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