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Winter comes again. has the announcement that a certain star spangled mantle will be taken up once more.

Edit: Now with SPOILERS from Fear Itself 7.1, as the information on the preview and the last page of the issue are confusing.

James "Bucky" Barnes is dead. But the Winter Soldier lives on.

Who is this new masked marauder?

Edit: Looks like I was misinformed. Last page from Fear Itself 7.1

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I am confused as to how we're supposed to think this is anyone but Bucky.
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Nathan Summers!
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"Weapons left in the field..."

Like Spring Soldier, Summer Soldier, and Autumn Soldier.

Which will all build up to the epic event, War of the Seasons!
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The 9 part Marvel Event that will spin off and it's spin offs will spin off, so the event will last from 2012 to at least 2024.

(Seriously. Fear Itself should end by now. Not continuing to next year )
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It *IS* over, or at least, the main event is. Marvel's just dragging it out with these final one-shots.
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Oh there's something called the Fearless which continues the Main plot. "Sin and company are trying to recover the hammers! Stop them!" That's one of the problems with Fear Itself. It didn't *end* properly, for a story like that.

Spinoffs and one shots for "New status quo" are a decent idea (or would be if we could have some time off between events) but the main plot being continued? Not so good.
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I almost knew that Marvel wouldn't be dumb enough to kill Bucky off. Almost. And Winter Soldier is a much better guise for him than Captain America ever was.

I just hope that Black Widow will be popping up in this as well.
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Wow, this really is making Brubaker's Capatain America saga HUUUUUUUGE.

3 Ongoings, 2 Miniseries is it? Jeez. This is a really long run.
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I'd be glad to see him back, and interested in finding out how he's still alive/is reborn (:P) but...this is rather fast, isn't it? But I suppose it depends on *when* in 2012.

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It's all explained in Fear Itself 7.1. But basically, he was only ever mostly dead. And both LMDs and the Infinity Formula are involved.
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Ah, I see. Thanks for that clarification! I'm not following this comic but I do like the character, so that's good to know.
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er..."this comic" meaning Fear Itself.
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Winter is coming, etc., etc.
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If Winter is Coming, then you know what that means:

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I thought Bucky's "death" in Fear Itself was awfully anti-climatic/stupid.

Oh and while I am bitching about stuff today:

*This* is the last vial of the Infinity Formula ANYWHERE. Except of course for the one we gave Mockingbird. And the vial that shows up the next time someone else almost buys it. It's like the Marvel Universe equivalent to Kryptonite. EVERYONE can get it.

Immortality on the house!