Date: 2011-11-02 10:17 pm (UTC)
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This was a rare case where I felt like the product was worth every penny of the asking price and not a penny more. It wasn't a terrible story. Very light, almost like a children's storybook, but it was a decent enough story with pretty good art, especially in the facial expressions.

What I find most impressive, just speaking personally, is that it featured two of my all-time favorite characters (Harvey and Hugo) in a way that didn't annoy or bore me. That's remarkable in this day and age of the regular DCU, when Hugo is seen taking orders from Black Mask and Harvey is a hulked-out "One-Face" monstrosity. The interplay between Harvey and Selina was also fun, a lot more so than what I've seen of the Arkham City game itself, with all the snarling, facial scarring, and "two guns, bitch"-ness of it all.
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