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1 from Amazing Spider-man 673

what ever, i don't care, i STILL think that MJ could and SHOULD be the next Scarlet Spider! in my head, she is... and i will DRAW IT!..... maybe... i don't know.... SOME ONE WILL DRAW IT I INVOKE RULE 32!!!

I would Also LIke to reward you guys who helped me with my paper with this video my professor showed us at the begining of class as we discussed Joss Whedon, Feminism and Astonishing X-Men: Gifted

i may be a little bit in love with this man...
*Note: POsted my blog link which has he video because for some reason i can't get the link to embed here...

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It's weird because in this issue the Horizon Labs people said that the cure would take away ANY Spider powers, including Peter's and he's a true Spider. And Julia Carpenter confirmed that, saying that he could have lived a normal life if he took that cure.

So I don't see how Anya kept her powers.