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Marvel's Point One preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of Point One, the event that will domino into major changes for the Marvel Universe.

Some set up pages letting us know what happened and what happened in Fear Itself 7.2
brings us here.

Messing with the Watchers, on a Marvel Universe scale? Having done fan-fiction about this concept, I like it.
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Wasn't there supposed to be something that was related to something about She-Hulk that was going to mess up the Watchers? (From Slott's run.)
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Is that the topic of this event?

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I don't think so. Dan Slott would be far more involved.

As far as I know there are no plans for the Reckoning War at the moment.
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First panel

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So nothing can escape his sight,eh? Seeing the green glow in his eyes along with the masklike shading, does that include evil?
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Re: First panel

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heh that took me a second.... ;D
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"Quickly, before he wakes up! Help me up so I can draw a mustache on him!"
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Is... is that a tetrap? A Time and the Rani tetrap?! :O
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Yes, indeed it is!
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I have event-fatigue.
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It isn't an event.
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One word: Kirby-esque! :D
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Sure he's got the Kirby-Crackle around the eyes but the trippy cosmic backgrounds and more organic feel to everything seem far more Ditko than Kirby.
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Yeah, I can definitely see the Ditko influence there.
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YAWN. Yet another Marvel non-event that will CHANGE EVERYTHING AS WE KNOW IT AND UNDOUBTEDLY BASTARDISE ANOTHER CLASSIC CHARACTER OR TWO WHILST KILLING SEVERAL MORE OFF. Because magically retconning Odin and giving him a dickbag brother and turning him into gigantic asshole for the purpose of a sob-scene where he goes 'OHNOESMYBOY!', amongst the other bullshit you can level at Fear Shitself and it's lead-ins (like Sin magically getting her face burnt off but not the rest of her - I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, BRU!!!) needs repeating with a variety of other characters.
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Who watches the Watchers?
Sam Vimes?
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They get props for the neo-Kirby intro.

Pity the intent sucks.
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oh this is going to end well...

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Love the art. Premise is somewhat intriguing.