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mindscapes & BDSM jokes

More Magneto: Not a hero scans.

For some reason the thought of Cap pulling wieght with the president in order to smooth Magneto's public acceptance in Utopia amuses me.

(oh, and Steve also sends Tony back his joke after the little confrontation with Mags, which [personal profile] brooms posted)


Then he finds the door to the "real world" and the thing about Joseph and his brotherhood.

So yeah, this was a fun issue.

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Is there a baby Lorna at any point?
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Of course not! Lorna's the green sheep of the family!

Pietro's the blue sheep.

Wanda's the red sheep.

Erik is the emotionally distant shepherd.
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I don't think he's met the twins yet.
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It's set during a reconstruction, but Utopia gets banged up a lot.
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I think the twins represent his guilt.