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The New Avengers #18

New Avengers #18 hits the stands today.
Norman Osborn re-assembles his Dark Avengers team.

Just kidding about the Dick Cheney.
But Osborn has brought together some scary people.

Most of the issue is the various factions of Hydra, AIM, the Hand coming together under those still loyal to H.A.M.M.E.R. and their reasoning why. Inbetween, we see Norman going around the world recruiting his heavy hitters.

The line-up:
Wolverine (the Gorgon), Scarlet Witch (Toxie Doxie), Hulk (Skaar), Spider-man (Ai Apaec), Ms. Marvel (Suprema), Hawkeye (Bart Barton).

Not pictured: Thor (Ragnarok cyborg clone).
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So he's the Marvel Boy of this version?